"Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken.”

Robert Fripp


Anjo house

Setsuko Hara, célèbre actrice proche de Ozu, est décédée en septembre 2015.

Surnommée la "Greta Garbo" japonaise, elle débute sa carrière dans les années 30 et joue dans des films de Akira Kurosawa, Mikio Naruse et Yasujiro Ozu pour qui elle devient muse et avec qui elle entretient une relation intime.

Ici la splendide séquence finale du film "Le bal de la famille Anjo", réalisé en 1947 par  Kozaburo Yoshimura, qui narre la ruine et le déclin d'une famille aristocratique dépossédée de ses titres par l'abolition de la noblesse, dans une thématique similaire à celle de l'inégalable  "Salon de musique" de Satyajit Ray.
Superbe film tragique à la bande son optique qui nous laisse entendre le grain puissant de la pellicule (comme on l'aime), tout comme un tango final émouvant.

le film en entier ICI  (en japonais non sous-titré)  



Duras, Duras est une série libre de pièces sonores produites par Radio Grenouille, en écho à la rétrospective des films de Marguerite Duras au FID (Festival international de Cinéma à Marseille), édition de juillet 2014.

Avec toujours cette inoubliable voix de Marguerite Duras.
Trois réalisations radiophoniques de Emmanuel Moreira, Julien Kirsch et Jean Baptiste Imbert

Ici la pièce d'Emmanuel Moreira.

et aussi le film "Césarée" le film évoquant la ville de Césarée en Palestine


Tuning in


 "Tuning In – a film about Karlheinz Stockhausen" was produced by Barrie Gavin for the BBC's "Horizon" serie in 1981. Directed by Robin Maconie - who wrote a lot of articles around the work of  Karlheinz Stockhausen - this documentary is an informative introduction to the work and process of a man who shook music and consciousness up.
The film shows Stockhausen instructing a group of professional musicians to start playing only at the moment when their minds were absolutely clear. 

"New methods change the experience, and new experiences change man. Whenever we hear sounds, we are changed, we are no longer the same, and this is more the case when we hear organized sounds; music.” Karlheinz Stockhausen


Found metal

When SuperCollider for real time signal control metallic pieces, wheels and solenoid...
A project by the american composer Scott Lindroth.


The Hooker' blues

The great John Lee Hooker at his best, with his son Robert  playin organ.

A early performance (1970) after his rebirth, recorded at Detroit Tube Works.
The quality of the pictures is disastrous, but the music at his best!

and listen at that part ****


Inside the silence


" Jean-Yves Bosseur: Does silence play a role in your music?
Morton Feldman: My music is inside the silence..." 

A very interresting interview of Morton Feldman by the young composer and musicologist Jean-Yves Bosseur in 1967 on the website "prepared guitar"
A conversation which happily complete the famous talk in between John Cage and Feldman the same year.

Just notice, for french spoken people, that this famous relax talk
titled "Radio happenings" is now published in french by éditions Allia.

A splendid interpretation of Morton Feldman's 1957 work "two pianos" by John Tilbury & Philip Thomas. 
From the double CD of Feldman works for multiple pianos: "Two Pianos and other pieces 1953-1969" on the label  Another Timbre.


Waves of sound

 "Edge of a tide" ("Filo de marea") is the first of 3 parts of the sextet for percussion and piano, titled "Water" and composed in 2013 by the argentinian Alejandro Viñao, now located in England.

 "In this movement I wanted to work with rhythmic ‘grooves’ which would create waves of sound that may be listened to as colour and texture. I wanted to give the audience the possibility of listening to this movement in a relaxed ‘easy’ way. Accordingly I imagined that it would be possible to follow this music as if one were listening to advancing and retreating waves of sound that bounce and rebound as they approach or retreat from us like a tide. But I also wanted to give the listener the option to explore the detailed musical lines  that create the colour and texture at the surface of this music, and allow him/her to delve more deeply into the multilayered construction that underpins the musical discourse. The challenge for me was to make both listening modes possible and preferably equally interesting."Alejandro Viñao

Performed by the Eastman Percussion Ensemble
with Michael Burritt, director
& Andrea Venet, Megan Arns, Chris Jones, Drew Worden and Colleen Bernstein.